Project EXPLORE organises first matchmaking event

Project EXPLORE organises first matchmaking event

September 25th, 2015

Project EXPLORE organises first matchmaking event

On March 17th, the project EXPLORE team organised its 1st Matchmaking Event, where the goal is to identify opportunities to further exploit the results of European Research and Technological Development (RTD) projects in the field of production technologies. The event took place at INESC TEC, coordinator of project EXPLORE.


With the R&D technologies identified as background, these events seek to promote one-to-one connections between exploitable R&D results and companies interested in exploiting them, be it a Production Technology provider (for example, equipment manufacturers, software companies or systems integrators) or an end-user of those RTD results from any manufacturing industrial sector.

Providing information about the selected R&D results and its potential application in industrial processes, equipment and associated services, the matchmaking event and the post-processing activities make it possible to identify the actions required to support the exploitation of the technologies promoted.

Other than the Matchmaking Event at INESC TEC, there was total of 20 events taking place in 14 different regions across Europe, promoted by the EXPLORE partners with the support of the corresponding Regional Authorities and other relevant organisations (such as clusters or industrial associations). About 30 organisations from different countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and others, participated in this event.

An energy simulator of machine tools, a multipurpose machine for laser cutting, marking and engraving in leather products (CNR-ITIA), a cooperative robot for stud welding in ships, a performance measurement toolkit (INESC TEC), a dynamic job rotation tool (LMS), inductive infrared thermography for metallic components (CETIM), a value identification and waste elimination tool (TECNALIA), or a novel coaxially laser-assisted cold spray system, were some of the technologies presented at the event.

Besides this event, the North of Portugal Region will be hosting another Matchmaking Event in May, with the support and collaboration of CCDR-N and PRODUTECH – the Portuguese Cluster of Production Technologies.