Start, duration, stages and work packages of EXPLORE

EXPLORE started on September 1st, 2013, and has the duration of 24 months.


The project is structured in the following sequential workplan:

Stages and Work Packages description

Groundwork Stage


WP1 | Selection and Characterization of Domains, Sectors and Regions
Regions Selection and Priorities; Sectors Selection and Main Challenges; Domains Definition and Characterization

WP2 | Exploitation Framework and Supporting Tools
Models for Results Description, Transfer, Exploitation and Funding; Innovation and Exploitation Platform specification; Innovation and Exploitation Platform implementation; Exploitation Handbook development

Development Stage


WP3 | Projects Selection and Results Clustering
Projects and results selection; Results description and evaluation; Clustering and final validation (Domains and Sectors) .

WP4 | New Exploitation Opportunities and Pilot Lines Roadmap
Active dissemination of exploitable results and identification of further exploitation opportunities; Support to exploitation contracts negotiation and funding; Pilot lines identification and roadmap.

Outlook Stage


WP5 | Gap Analysis and Recommendations
Standardisation opportunities and proposals; Education and training needs and Action Plan; Innovation and exploitation main barriers and recommendations; Unmatched Innovation challenges and roadmap

Supporting WPs


WP6 | Project results and impact dissemination
Development of project’s communication tools; Project’s information and dissemination activities at European and national/regional levels; Annual stakeholders event

WP7 | Management and Coordination
Coordination and project monitoring; Financial and administration management; Project reporting