Objectives and Results

Main Objectives and Expected Results


Main Objectives

  1. To develop a framework capable of promoting and supporting further industrial exploitation of existing resultsfrom European R&D projects
  2. To test and demonstrate it using a selected group of 10 industrial sectors 10 and 10 European regions
  3. To unleash the full potential of the accumulated knowledge portfolio existing at European level (funded by the EC), in the area of Production Technologies
  4. To disseminate the available knowledge and existing applications
  5. To promote cross-fertilization, training and standardization
  6. Generate recommendations for future projects and activities

Expected Results

  1. Creation of the Innovation and Exploitation Platform
  2. Development of the Handbook to support exploitation
  3. Identification of new exploitation opportunities, demonstrators, and pilot lines
  4. Creation of an European network of demonstrators and pilot lines and implementation roadmap
  5. Identification of the main barriers for innovation and exploitation, and recommendations
  6. Identification of unmatched sectoral challenges, and corresponding roadmap
  7. Gap analysis and recommendations in standardization opportunities, education and training