To match EXPLORE’s objectives requires innovative methodologies and tools but also a challenging concept, capable of integrating complementary knowledge, functions and resources.


The EXPLORE community it is the heart of the ecosystem as it builds on the common goals of its members, knowledge sharing and social capital. It’s composed by the usual actors of an innovation ecosystem – science and technology system, public system and the companies system – and the relationships between them together with material, financial, knowledge, social and power exchangesThe EXPLORE portal is the mediator of great part of the activity in the ecosystem. It is a fundamental instrument for creating and maintaining the EXPLORE community through communication and networking mechanisms, together with information exchange, dissemination and management.

The EXPLORE innovation and exploitation platform is an intelligent information management system that goes beyond a simple database of available production technologies, towards a decision support system for potential exploitation paths detection and matchmaking.

The EXPLORE exploitation handbook is a digital content system providing guidance in any type of matter related with the exploitation of new production technologies. It includes methodologies and tools related with Open Innovation, templates, examples and best practices for research results exploitation and cross fertilization, etc.

The EXPLORE education and training programmes are aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of the actors involved in some king of exploitation activity in the community. This programmes will complement the EXPLORE exploitation handbook, paving the way for stakeholders understanding and autonomy regarding the innovation and exploitation platform.


The next picture illustrates how the results from European research projects will flow through the ecosystem, from their origin (the research projects) until application in further research or innovation projects or integration in demonstrators or pilot lines.

Further innovation requirements and domains will be driven from the innovation challenges and investment priorities of the approached regions and sectors.

Research results will be identified and evaluated against those priorities, classified accordingly to their relevance and published for both broad and active dissemination.

Then, matchmaking events will be organized to present the exploitable results to a community of interested stakeholders and opportunities for further exploitation will be identified.

The EXPLORE project will support the actors involved during contract negotiation and fund raising, aiming at the establishment of new exploitation agreements and contracts.